I see there is more in this “Blogosphere” than I realized

I actually started blogging yesterday, so I’m new to this. Forgive me for not being good at it. Nevertheless, I seem to have an opinion about everything so I got the idea that one or two might be the basis of discussions or at least contributions to the ongoing conversation. I enjoy learning and expanding my mind and if I can do that through sharing with others so much the better.

No one can be everywhere all of the time (despite what I tell people about my real identity) so the shared experiences of others can do much to inform a life. They tell me that when you visit a place you should talk to the locals. So when I visit the Web I suppose I should do just that. Everyone is local to somewhere and conversing with others across an expanding universe brings tangible rewards, the promise of new opportunities, and future shared experiences.

With this in mind, I visited the blogs of those who were the first to visit mine. Ironically, I have been to many of the places those bloggers wrote about yet my experiences were not the same. Some of what I read was uplifting and some was heartbreaking. In my life, I too have experienced highs and lows but again mine were not the same. What we get from life is very individual and it is not always good but these blogs transcend that shadow and declare that taken in the entirety life is pleasurable and most people do look for the good in it. Perhaps because of this I enjoyed the moments, both happy and sad, I spent visiting with these fellow bloggers.

The creativity is enormous and I see it is expanding.

If we never pass one another again, thank you for sharing, opening my eyes, and showing me how to combine disparate disciplines to create a precious moment. These visits into those moments of your lives are inspiring and delicious. A guilty pleasure without guilt.

Thank you all…


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